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Eighth Street Baptist Church History

In the year of 1882, the Rev. L.J. Mackey had a vision of a better community in Temple, TX.  So with a Bible under his arm and a prayer in his heart, he set out to organize a church.  He accomplished this task and it became known as the Saint Love All Baptist Church.  There were only (44) members in its beginning.  Though small in munber, but great in their belief that they could do all things through Christ who could and would strengthen them; they gave of themselves, their soul, mind and heart to furthering their belief.  God blessed the church so that the hurch was able to grow in spirit and numbers.  The church was predicated on the precepts of Faith, Love and Discipleship.  Though small in number, the church grew spirtually.

In 1905, the church was renamed First Baptist Church (colored) and was moved from Avenue E to its present location.

The Rev. J.S. Simmons was pastor of the church in 1911, and was responsible for remodeling it.  He changed the name to Eighth Street Baptist Church.  The Trustees under Rev. J.S. Simmons leadership were: Dr. R.E.L. Holland, J.F. Adams, B. Low, A.R.S. Stringfellow, D.R. Dedrick, K.A. Mann, and Louis Brown.  The Rev. J.S. Simmons brought many new members into the church.

The church continued to grow and had numbeous leaders; such as Rev. Jospeh Wilson, Rev. T.E. George Sr., Rev. T.S. Boone, Rev. W.A. Sparks, Rev. S.M. Mitchell.

In 1941, the Rev. D.T. Trammell wasa called from Ennis Texas to pastor the Eighth Street Baptist Church.  A heavy indebtedness had accumulated, and under the pastorate of Rev. D.T. Trammell, this indebtdness was liquidated.

In 1983, the church called Rev. Alfred C. Stapleton as its pastor.  Under the leadership the church grew in numbers and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jess Christ.  He began a Nursing Home Ministry, Radio Miistry, a Golden Age Day, recognizing all senior members of the church a a Race Relation Day held in February of each year.  The Fellowship Hall was renovated and the name chanaged to the D.T. Trammell Fellowship Hall.

In 1995, the church called the Rev. Demotis Sherman, Jr., from Fort Worth, Texas, as Pastor.  The church continued to grow under the ministry of this vibrant and dynamic gospel preacher.  Pastor Sherman implemented communion for the homebound, seerving them himself each month, under his leadership the church purched and paid for the church van, and additional properties in anticipation of future growth.  The church also delveloped its Mission Statement.  Eighth Street Baptist Church also began to participate with other churches in interdenominational and interracial fellowship and worship, to include a yearly revival.  The church continues in this rewarding fellowship.

In 2002, the church called another dynamic preacher in the person of Rev. Roscoe C. Harrison, Jr.  God has blessed the church with additional members and the Sancturay was remodeled.  Under his direction, the church has joined the Willow Grove District Association and the Bell Baptist Association, has instituted a  montly men's prayer breakfast and estaablished a Leadership Council.  In 2006, the church was designated a Texas Historical site with the placement of a historical marker.  a dedication ceremony was also held for the unveiling of the marker, also a Consecration Sercice of the Sanctuary.

Eighth Street Baptist Church has been pastored by many giant ministers of which many are deceased and those who are alive are working in other fields, spreading the Word of God.  Below you will find a sequnce and tenure list of pastors from the inceptions of the church to its present status.     

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